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Gholas W/ A Storm Of Light, MGR, and Magic Circle.

We’re back to doing shows after a few months. We’ve been writing, doing old man things, etc, and this show was offered. Going to rule. We’re starting to prep the next album. Hopefully the new stuff surprises people. Come out to the show and see at least one or two new songs.

Any way, there is all the information you need at the facebook event for the show that we have set up Here: FACEBOOOOOOOK

October Shows

We have a few awesome shows coming up. The first is actually the last show for our friends Dangerbird. The dudes rule and the show should be awesome. Dangerbird is playing a double set, or so I’ve been told. The facebook event link is HERE

10.14.11 @ Millcreek Tavern.
FREE, 8pm 21+

Dangerbird (last show, 2 sets)

Ugh, God


Split Red

Free Show. No complaining over prices!

Our next show is going to be awesome. Circle Takes the Square is finally releasing a new album, and the ep that they recently released is just mind blowing. We also finally get to play with Gods and Queens, and I’ve been waiting for that for a while. Facebook event HERE

10.24.11 @ House of Yarga (3914 Spruce St.)
$10, 7pm

Circle Takes the Square


Gods and Queens

Full of Hell

Get Pumped.

Gear For Sale

Chris Here,

I have some pedals/ gear for sale. All of these pedals have been used live or recorded with Gholas over the past few years. I will describe when/ what you might here these pedals on when I can. I will give as much info on the pedal builders as well. There is nothing wrong with any of them, I’ve just found something i have that i like better/ has more options That appeal to me. Prices are Negotiable, and reasonable offers will be considered. I’d prefer not to ship internationally, since shipping costs will be ridiculous, but get at me if you HAVE to have one. I live ~1hour north of philly, and ~ 1.5hours west of NYC if you want to arrange pickups for the bigger ticket items.

From top Left: Clockwise: EHX Holiest grail, Blackout Effectors Muxket Fuzz, Boss PS-3, Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo, Fulltone OCD.


Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail: That is not a typo. EHX actually did make this monster. I got this guy used from a friend, and it IS awesome, it is just a monster in size, and took up too much real estate on my pedal board. There are 4 banks, 2 presets/ bank, for 8 completely customizable, shapeable reverbs. This was the main reverb pedal used on Here I am, Here is infinity. ( $175

Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz- Serial #058- I am pretty darn sure this puts it in the V1 era of this pedal (It is such a low number, the interior serial number is not even in their database located here: I loved this pedal, works amazingly well with my Sunn Model T Reissue. Unfortunately, I do not have any clips of myself playing this. The Musket Fuzz is a Big Muff on crack. There are 3 main improvements that the guys at blackout put in, The addition of a pre- gain, a focus knob, and a mids knob. $125

Fulltone OCD- Serial # 33782 This makes it a version 4. You can read about the difference in the 4 versions here: Tons of dudes use this thing, I am sure you know the sound well. Used to push my main guitar tone on the entire recording of Загадка . Original box. $100

Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo: Serial #069- ( Reverb pedal used throughout Загадка. The thing has a great echo tone, I only replaced it because i had an opportunity at a different reverb that had a few more preset options and some more reverb shaping ability. $120

Boss PS-3 (Phase Shifter/Delay)- Listen. We know you love Cave in. You’ve heard this pedal, now you can get the “cave in-in-a-box” pedal (as it was described to me when introduced) I know this is a pink label, for those that care about those sort of things. Since it is a pink label, it is an older production year, and it does have a good amount of where. I have no idea how many people owned it before me, but despite its’ blemishes and bumps and bruises, it works great. $150

Fender Jaguar HH Baritone- They DO NOT make this anymore, It was a limited edition. FYI as well, since apparently some dude who almost bought this off me once had a huge problem with it-This is made in Korea, Not America. Fenders are great guitars, they really are, I have just never made one sound good. Just doesn’t mesh well with my style. Comes with the fender gig bag. Everything is stock in it except for the strap buttons. I replaced them with schaller straplocks. I used this guitar entirely for the recording of Here I am, Here is infinity. ( I took a buttload of pictures of this guitar when i almost sold it a few months back, and have them all here at full resolution- Medifire of Zip
Asking $800
I would REALLY like to not ship this. I get super nervous any time a guitar goes through the postal service…. especially this one, because i don;t have a hard shell case for it.

Details: (From Sweetwater)

Special Edition Series
Color: black (with polyurethane finish)
Alder body
Maple neck, “C” shape (gloss polyurethane finish)
Rosewood fingerboard, 7.25″ radius (184mm)
22 vintage-style frets
Special Design MIJ Dragster humbucking pickups (neck & bridge)
Master volume, master tone controls
Three-position toggle pickup switch
Vintage Style Adjusto-Matic™ bridge with anchored tailpiece
Fender/Gotoh® vintage-style tuning machines
Chrome hardware
Black pickguard, 3-ply
27″ (610 mm) scale length
Width at nut: 1.650″ (41 mm)
Other features: matching painted headstock, chrome control knobs, chrome pickup covers
Small ball-end NPS strings (gauges .011p, .014p, .018p, .032w, .044w, .056w)
Includes gig bag

Sunn Model T (Fender Reissue)- Some people love this head. Finding one is like an easter egg hunt. I looked for months before I found it. My only problem was that it didn’t match well with my other guitarists Head. I was never able to cut like the other guitarist. The amp is awesome, I have a better one now is all. The amp was the main amp on Here I am, Here is infinity. It works REALLY well, the only issue is that the power indicator light on the front flickers when you play really bassy notes.I had it looked at and fixed once, it just seems to keep doing it. This one is a bit of a long shot. I have no idea what to ask for this from friends. Make offers if you want it.

email: xsuicidekingx -at- gmail -dot- com for any info.

Deafheaven/Ken Mode tour with Gholas Support

We’re excited for both of these shows, first, they’re our first few shows back after the self imposed hiatus. And Second, the tour we’re opening for is amazing.

Philly show, 6/16 at kung fu necktie

Ken Mode
Gholas (Shameless Self Promotion)
Dirge of Methuselah

the Very Next night, At the Cake shop in brooklyn, we are also supporting.

So here, listen to a few of the bands we’ll be sharing the stage with

Dans L’isolement Solidaires

A few months back, we got on this split from the british label Dog Knight Productions. Check them out, they have some solid releases. We also share a common belief in the entire package contributing to the experience of the album.

What came about was a great comp. You can stream it below. The entire thing is limited to 250 copies (2 colorways)

We contributed an alternate take on “From Hundreds of Millions of Miles” that is a bit more (vocally) close to how we play it live (Chris sings the bridge).

From the Label:

Dans’…is a 5-way international split which features 5 incredible bands from all around the world, coming together to create a full length 42 minutes long LP that is intended to be listened to in full. This is not a compilation.
All of the bands offer 7-11 minutes of dark/atmospheric music with very different vocal styles, but the album flows perfectly nevertheless.

Blackdays Architecture (France/Japan)
It Is Imperative (Germany)
Gholas (USA)
Life in the Dark (UK)
Plague Sermon (UK)

Vinyl Nerd Info (see the pic below):
25 Pre-order version in a screen printed mailer
100 Clear with white splatter
150 Grey

We Should have these very soon, and they will be available directly through us and our store (the tab at the top)

Thanks everyone.

Some More Reviews of Загадка

In an effort to keep a fairly complete list of links to all of the reviews google alerts tell us exist, I am adding the next few reviews that didn’t make the cut from last time.

The Inarguable

This guy hates New Jersey, But apparently liked us enough to not hold our home state against us.

Yes, utilizing the sheer rawness and grit of early-80s “no wave” in conjunction with the ethereal grandeur of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s modern classical-tinged post-rock and the down-on-his-luck-beardy-man somber heaviness of mid-era Neurosis, Gholas prods the listener into reconsidering the horrorendously thick smog hovering over most of New Jersey as something so awful and putrid that it is almost awe-inspiring in its grandeur.
-Jon/ The Inarguable

Metal Army America

Not Everyone can love us, And I am a completist.

There’s a bit of a SwanS-esque menace lurking behind the band’s rolling riff style; an artistic approach to malevolent art-metal, if you will. Of course, when it comes to this sort of metalgaze music, the comparisons to such bands as Isis and Neurosis become inevitable, and indeed Gholas come equipped with an arsenal of Isis-inspired riffage to their isn’t name.

Planet Loud

I think this site is from England somewhere. They seemed to like us enough.

Sure, they write riffs that could write off entire housing estates and beats that sound like feral beasts awakening but if you drop your guard for just a second Gholas will be on you- turning your head with a two-minute blast of Tool-esque oddness, venturing into the truly epic with a post-everything masterpiece…Much more than another post-metal pretender, Gholas should go far.
-Simon T Diplock

The Obelisk

Quite possibly the most in depth and honest review of the album, This one is a favorite among the band for its completeness. The entire review goes through each song of the album and discusses the feelings that were invoked upon listening. Take the time to read it if you can.

The hour-long long-player, available digitally or on CD, is made up of nine incredibly varied tracks that circle around the stylistic trappings of post-metallic rhythmic churn while also keeping a fresh eye on ambience and noise influences.

Aversion Online

Great Blog, Great review. Give it a shot.

It’s an intriguingly puzzling album in that there are a lot of immediately recognizable elements, and the general tone feels familiar, but the band has the talent and vision to twist and turn their influences in a manner that can’t be pigeonholed into one firm categorization or another, which is awesome. The more you listen, the more you’ll find….

Overall, I am still really intrigued whenever we get a review. It makes all the work we’ve put into the songs more worth it when you read how it makes people feel.

Thanks for coming out folks.

Gholas- Poisoning The Airwaves

We decided to release this on tape to continue our general theme of releasing our music on formats that no one wants anymore. We played a show with them, This is what we have left, available to everyone if you couldn’t make it or live on another continent.Click HERE to go to our store and buy it for 4 bucks.

Side A: And The Lives Come Flooding / From Hundreds Of Millions Of Miles / 9000 Reasons / Walk Without Rhythm / Her Trainwreck

Side B: Do We Dream / (…) The Void / The Worm

Recorded January 18th 2009 live on WKDU Drexel University Radio by Adam Hendricks

Live Recordings are always a mixed bag. Precision and accuracy can be thrown out the window in favor of loudness, raw emotion, and audience assault. We went into this WKDU session hoping to spread our extremely loud noise pollution over the radio waves and did just that. Over the course of the night, my voice just about gave out completely (hey back off, you scream utter nonsense for nigh on an hour and a half and see how your voice fairs) at about the 45 minute mark and by the end, I had no voice left for “The Worm” (so this is an instrumental version of that song). I know we had various technical difficulties and several other issues while recording, and while this might not sound completely amazing, we had a ton of fun doing it.

At this stage of Gholas, we were still in the mindset to destroy people with how loud and caustic we could be. This radio session took place a little after our Here I Am, Here Is Infinity EP was released. We were in a furious writing space and much of this set consisted of songs that would end up on our LP, Zagadka, as well as songs that have yet to be released. All of the songs are in their raw state with alternate lyrics and vocals than what you hear on any of the studio versions of the tracks.

This is a strange document of our band. We made some decisions following this set that for better or worse made us the band that we are today. The night was a bunch of fun and Adam was easy to work with while doing the session; hell, he let us make a horrible racket and then played it over the air (What were you thinking Adam? I am surprised Drexel did not lose their FCC license). We hope you enjoy this little release, we are putting this out as a kind of thank you to those of you that liked Zagadka, though there are only 20 of these tapes physically in existence If you have one of these consider yourself equally blessed and damned for this.


Welcome to 2011, Check out the first few загадка reviews!

Welcome to the new year, everyone. I have a small compilation of some of the reviews we’ve received on the new record. Have you bought it yet? If you haven’t click “store” up top for more info. Hopefully this year will bring some big things for us, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Few things, A few months back, Dave and Chris were at WDIY in Bethlehem, PA talking about the new record with Justin at Radio in Opposition (review below). Justin is awesome, and the interview wasn;t nearly as painful as we thought it would be. You can download that interview below

RiO Radio interview on WDIY

We talk about the writing process, explain how to pronounce the record name, and our sci-fi nerdery.

Check the reviews out:

Radio in Opposition (PDF)

Загадка (2010)
It’s only fitting that I should review the newest release from Gholas on the heels of what would have been Frank Herbert’s 90th birthday (look it up). Just two years after their first EP, the Philly quartet offer up a mature and polished debut full-length. Загадка (Russian for “Riddle”) is as labyrinthian as its name implies, yet maintaining a cohesive sound. The record winds itself up with the murky discord of “A Shape”, preceding the furious postmetal artillery blast of “Tycho Dawn”. Once the storm is subdued, the anguished verse and riffing bow solemnly to intricate leads. This quickly gives way to majestic ascents and punishing cave-ins. The genre blending is seamless as hardened rhythms battle soaring leads, punctuated by meticulously layered, noisy sludge. Gholas understand something that increasingly fewer sludge/post-metal acts do, and that’s timing. Great care is taken to let the story tell itself. The listener is enveloped by frazzled drone and cavernous percussion for a solid hour. Never rushed and consistently intense, Загадка is a monster release.
-Justin Bost

Scene Point Blank

Gave us 8.4/10 and had some very nice things to say about the record.

– This band along with many follows the setup that Isis started. That is certainly not to say they are mere followers. They play a heavy near ambient style of metal. The songs flow together telling a story seemingly (hence the Isis notation). Each song seems to float into the other as though the first wouldn’t be truly complete without the next one to compliment it.
– Overall Gholas is a band that could be top of their given genre by the time their next album drops.

~~John E./

The Metal Register

Featured Gholas in their “Metal Band of the Week” Section of their website.

Most easily described as post-metal with a penchant for discord and drawn-out passages that Pink Floyd would appreciate, the work of Gholas is heavy, textured, down-tempo, sludgy, and eclectic, with a none-too-subtle eye towards occasional moments of blues or soul.

I’ll keep updating these probably, but hey, have fun this new year. According to the mayans, it just may be the last.

Response to Загадка

The response to Загадка has been a little overwhelming, I must say. We’ve been seeing it pop up all over the world on message boards and blogs, and the comments have been amazing. Europe and Russia seem to be way into the record as well.

One of the more amazing and exciting things so far has been that someone decided to make a video for …(The emissary) from halfway around the world. We aren;t even really sure who it is, but we are amazed and humbled that someone liked it enough to take the time to make a video. Check it out here.

Thank you again, whoever you are.

Record Release weekend was also amazing. Thanks to Evan and Jamie for setting the shows up, and thanks to Dangerbird, Ominous Black, Sadgiqacea, and Shriner for playing friday, and Rosetta, Bats and Mice, and Restorations for saturday night. The shows all ruled. And thanks to anyone who came out and watched us make noise.

New Online Store

So we’ve been getting a big response from the interwebs regarding загадка. Seriously, It’s awesome. One of the things that came up was that international orders were having some issues ordering from us. We just opened a NEW WEB STORE that will hopefully alleviate some of these issues.

Snazzy, Right?

You can also order directly from our facebook page as well by clicking the “store” tab”

If you are stumbling on this blog from another site, Head on over and “like” us. We’ll continue loving you forever.

P.S. No, we aren’t Russian. It’s from a book.