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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Gholas Noise/ Updates

I know we haven’t been the best at updating this. We should be ashamed. So Here is a little news snippet. we are 99% done tracking. Gholas has been slowly returning to red planet in pieces to track vocals over the past few weeks. Yesterday we went in to finish up vocals and to track the ever popular ambient pieces. God only knows what goes through Our engineer’s head every time we record…. we have a tendency to go a little nuts on these interludes. Anyway, we had some fun… You can see the pedal board we had hooked up, And i can tell you at some point the pedals were all turned on together. After that, the treasure of the new record…..the leslie. Such an amazingly odd sound that comes out of it. I love it.

PS… Sorry for the crap cell phone pics. I forgot the good camera.