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Response to Загадка

The response to Загадка has been a little overwhelming, I must say. We’ve been seeing it pop up all over the world on message boards and blogs, and the comments have been amazing. Europe and Russia seem to be way into the record as well.

One of the more amazing and exciting things so far has been that someone decided to make a video for …(The emissary) from halfway around the world. We aren;t even really sure who it is, but we are amazed and humbled that someone liked it enough to take the time to make a video. Check it out here.

Thank you again, whoever you are.

Record Release weekend was also amazing. Thanks to Evan and Jamie for setting the shows up, and thanks to Dangerbird, Ominous Black, Sadgiqacea, and Shriner for playing friday, and Rosetta, Bats and Mice, and Restorations for saturday night. The shows all ruled. And thanks to anyone who came out and watched us make noise.

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