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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Some More Reviews of Загадка

In an effort to keep a fairly complete list of links to all of the reviews google alerts tell us exist, I am adding the next few reviews that didn’t make the cut from last time.

The Inarguable

This guy hates New Jersey, But apparently liked us enough to not hold our home state against us.

Yes, utilizing the sheer rawness and grit of early-80s “no wave” in conjunction with the ethereal grandeur of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s modern classical-tinged post-rock and the down-on-his-luck-beardy-man somber heaviness of mid-era Neurosis, Gholas prods the listener into reconsidering the horrorendously thick smog hovering over most of New Jersey as something so awful and putrid that it is almost awe-inspiring in its grandeur.
-Jon/ The Inarguable

Metal Army America

Not Everyone can love us, And I am a completist.

There’s a bit of a SwanS-esque menace lurking behind the band’s rolling riff style; an artistic approach to malevolent art-metal, if you will. Of course, when it comes to this sort of metalgaze music, the comparisons to such bands as Isis and Neurosis become inevitable, and indeed Gholas come equipped with an arsenal of Isis-inspired riffage to their isn’t name.

Planet Loud

I think this site is from England somewhere. They seemed to like us enough.

Sure, they write riffs that could write off entire housing estates and beats that sound like feral beasts awakening but if you drop your guard for just a second Gholas will be on you- turning your head with a two-minute blast of Tool-esque oddness, venturing into the truly epic with a post-everything masterpiece…Much more than another post-metal pretender, Gholas should go far.
-Simon T Diplock

The Obelisk

Quite possibly the most in depth and honest review of the album, This one is a favorite among the band for its completeness. The entire review goes through each song of the album and discusses the feelings that were invoked upon listening. Take the time to read it if you can.

The hour-long long-player, available digitally or on CD, is made up of nine incredibly varied tracks that circle around the stylistic trappings of post-metallic rhythmic churn while also keeping a fresh eye on ambience and noise influences.

Aversion Online

Great Blog, Great review. Give it a shot.

It’s an intriguingly puzzling album in that there are a lot of immediately recognizable elements, and the general tone feels familiar, but the band has the talent and vision to twist and turn their influences in a manner that can’t be pigeonholed into one firm categorization or another, which is awesome. The more you listen, the more you’ll find….

Overall, I am still really intrigued whenever we get a review. It makes all the work we’ve put into the songs more worth it when you read how it makes people feel.

Thanks for coming out folks.