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Record Release Shows- All the Info you need.

We have 2 record release shows planned to celebrate our release of загадка.

First Show: Facebook Event

Record Release @ Savage Rock School.

Friday, November 12 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Blackwood, NJ
As always, shows are $5/all ages. All proceeds go to keeping the Nonprofit Savage Rock School as a D.I.Y. Venue






The second show is in Philly, and I have included this quick flyer for it cause i liked the way it came out. It is also the record release for the new rosetta/restorations split. Come on out Facebook Event

загадка Record Release

загадка Record Release @ KfN

Saturday, November 13 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location Kung Fu Necktie
Front and Thompson
Philadelphia, PA

Bats & Mice

$8, 21+, 7pm

Thanks to Jamie Getz and KFN for hooking this one up



“This New Jersey-based quartet has carved out its own niche within the city’s heavy music scene, blowing eardrums and dropping jaws with their spaced-out progressive metal compositions. Equal parts Mogwai, Mouth of the Architect, Russian Circles, Jesu, and Sonic Youth, Gholas are a rare and compelling sort of band, one with its own aesthetic, sound, and raw, beating heart.” – Kim Kelly

загадка is finished and off to the presses. We have been working on this album for the better part of this year and we couldn’t be more excited to finally present the full realization of our newest full-length. The Record will be available in a limited run of CDs and pay-what-you-want download (for now- we want vinyl just as badly as you do.). Pre orders will begin immediately and expect to ship around the end of the month. Furthermore, every pre-order will come with a free and immediate high-quality (v0 mp3) download. You can place your order for the CD HERE, or via pay-what-you-want download HERE.

загадка clocks in at just under an hour and chronicles a long, arduous journey into the unknown that challenges the very sanity of the traveler. Loneliness, paranoia, and the promise of release that accompany such trials are all visited throughout the record. Gholas has worked with people that all tapped into these emotions to create the final, completed vision.

Recorded by Joe Smiley at Red Planet earlier this year and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate,Old); the whole shebang was tied together by Drew Speziale (Circle Takes The Square).

Preview The Album right here:

01 A Shape
02 Tycho Dawn
03 Behind Every Man is 30 Ghosts
04 …(The Emissary)
05 From Hundreds of Millions of Miles
06 Mobius Loop
07 9000 Reasons
08 The Eye of Japetus
09 My God

Pre-orders are availabe NOW through Communitas Media. You can order in any one of the fine combinations below.

Download загадка
Pay What You Want- v0 MP3s

Download загадка for whatever you feel like paying (Really). you have the entire album in a few clicks.

Purchase загадка CD and Receive an instant download of the album

9 songs, 58 minutes. This gets you the CD and an instantaneous Download of the new record, Загадка.

Purchase загадка CD and Our Debut EP on Vinyl

This package gets you the NEW record, “Загадка” on CD + instant download as well as “Here I Am, Here Is Infinity”, on pink vinyl for only $5 more.

загадка Streaming, Gholas + Dangerbird NoFun Mini-Tour, New Local Show Announcements

First and foremost – we are still putting the finishing touches on the physical pressing of загадка. Its almost done. While you wait you can preview the whole album on either our BandCamp Page or the Music Page. Hope you like it. We do.

We have a number of shows coming up to promote the album. Come out and buy a CD-R version (ltd to only 20 copies!) until we sell out or get the real thing finished. We’re playing a number of shows in the NorthEast with our friends Dangerbird. It should be great. Full listing of upcoming shows is below.

Thanks again.

Dangerbird +Gholas NoFun MiniTour
-Fri Aug 06 @ Secret Art Space (Bethlehem PA) w/ TFFNI, I Sing The Equator
-Sat Aug 07 @ New Wave Cafe (New Bedford MA)
-Sun Aug 08 @ The New Hawaii (Southington CT)
-Mon Aug 09 @ Lit Lounge (Manhattan NYC) w/ Chambers, So Hideous My Love

Also coming up:
-Fri Aug 20 FREE SHOW @ MillCreek Tavern (Philadelphia PA) w/ Dangerbird, Ugh God, Circle The City
-Sun Sep 26 Philly FM Fest @ MillCreek Tavern (Philadelphia PA)
-Fri Oct 1st FREE 1-year anniversary @ The M Room (Philadelphia PA) w/ Bubonic Bear, Monolith, Ominous Black

PREVIEW Загадка!

Folks, The Masters are approved, We will be releasing our newest effort, Загадка on you all shortly.
Thank you all so much. for listening.

Amazing Show

July 7th
7:30 p.m.
The Burners- Bethlehem PA

COLISEUM from louisville kentucky, new record on temp. res. records.

BURNING LOVE all the way from canada, ex members of cursed/left for dead/the swarm.

STORM THE BASTILLE ex members of street smart cyclist.


“…Needs More Whale and Less Baby.”

We’re mixing the record down. It is almost done. As you can tell by the title, Our engineer hates us. We’re giving the album a final once over for track order and transitions and then off it goes for mastering. We’ve been at this since January, and hopefully you’ll all agree with us that the record was well worth the wait. Leaps and bounds above our last recording (in our twisted heads anyway.).

We’ll also be starting to play shows again in support of the full-length. The first of which is in a few weeks:

Mose Giganticus, Hulk Smash, Gholas & Grass
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Danger Danger Gallery 5013 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA, 19143

Mose Giganticus (
Hulk Smash (
Gholas (
Grass (no web site, sorry!)

*This is not necessarily the order of the bands so come out early to make sure you see who you want to see!

Admission price $5-$10

After that, we’re working on a few dates for a weekender sometime in August. We’re pushing for this to be huge.

Tracking is Finally done.

We’ve finished tracking the new full length finally. The last of our guest musicians came in this thursday and laid down some Viola onto the last song of our record. This record became a bit more of an undertaking than we originally thought, but we’re all getting super pumped to start mixing tomorrow. Get into it people.

We’ll announce the name of the record soon, as well as show some samples of the artwork, maybe even a sample of a track. I promise we’ll leave the crying and nashing of teeth out.

Gholas Noise/ Updates

I know we haven’t been the best at updating this. We should be ashamed. So Here is a little news snippet. we are 99% done tracking. Gholas has been slowly returning to red planet in pieces to track vocals over the past few weeks. Yesterday we went in to finish up vocals and to track the ever popular ambient pieces. God only knows what goes through Our engineer’s head every time we record…. we have a tendency to go a little nuts on these interludes. Anyway, we had some fun… You can see the pedal board we had hooked up, And i can tell you at some point the pedals were all turned on together. After that, the treasure of the new record…..the leslie. Such an amazingly odd sound that comes out of it. I love it.

PS… Sorry for the crap cell phone pics. I forgot the good camera.

Get Low.

Lamb was in the studio last monday to start (and finish) all of his bass tracks in one long, marathon session. I was there for a bit of it, but had to leave earlier than i wanted to. I figured some pictures would be fun.

Gholas Is Recording A Full Length!

Gholas landed at red planet the 28th of this month to start tracking our new 2001 themed record! The band is stoked on the new songs and we’ve returned to Joe to make this record better than we could have imagined when we recorded “Here I Am, Here Is Infinity” almost 2 years ago. Here are a few pictures of the process:
Tracking GuitarGholas @ Red PlanetGholas @ Red PlanetGholas @ Red PlanetGholas @ Red Planet