Gholas show, recording, booking and general information and updates.


Upcoming shows:
07.22.11 @ Obrien’s Pub (Philadelphia PA) w/ Phantom Glue, Rogue House
08.07.11 @ Siren Records (Doylestown PA) w/ Ladder Devils, Great Falls, Passage Between
08.11.11 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia PA) SADGIQCEA BENEFIT w/ Woe, Bubonc Bear, Ominous Black

Previous show history
06.17.11 @ Cakeshop (Manhattan, NYC) w/ Deafheaven, Planning For Burial
06.16.11 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia) w/ Deafheaven, Lonesummer, Hollenlarm
01.29.11 @ Red Planet Studios (Clifton Heights PA) w/ Halo of Snakes, Worshiper, Grass
01.08.11 @ The Boneyard (Atlantic City) w/ I, Fanblades, Gloom Beam
12.19.10 @ The Olive Garden (Philadelphia) w/ Carcrusher, Joint Chiefs of Math, Dirt Eyes
11.13.10 @ Kungfu Necktie (Philadelphia) w/ Rosetta, Restorations, Bats & Mice
11.12.10 @ Savage Rock (Blackwood NJ) w/ Dangerbird, Sadgiqacea, Shriner, Ominous Black
10.09.10 @ Meatlocker (Montclair NJ) w/ Bubonic Bear, Dutchguts, Hell Mountain
-10.01.10 @ M Room (Philly) w/ Bubonic Bear, Ominous Black
-09.19.10 @ NorthStar Bar (Philly) w/ I Fanblades, Basement
-08.20.10 @ MillCreek Tavern (Philly) w/ Dangerbird, Ugh God, Circle The City
-08.09.10 @ Lit Lounge (Manhattan NYC) w/ Dangerbird, Bad Dream, Dutchguts
-08.08.10 @ The New Hawaii (Southington CT) w/ Dangerbird, Florida=Death, Giant Pupils
-08.07.10 @ New Wave Cafe (New Bedford MA) w/ Dangerbird, Hate For 1
-08.06.10 @ Secret Art Space w/ Dangerbird, TFFNI, I Sing The Equator
-07.19.10 @ M Room (Philadelphia PA) w/ Apostle of Solitude, Wizard Eye
-07.07.10 @ The Burners (Bethlehem PA) w/ Coliseum, Burning Love, Ninjessa
-05.08.10 @ Danger! Danger! Gallery w/ Mose Giganticus, Hulk Smash, Grass
-12.05.09 @ M Room w/ Naam, Bubonic Bear
-08.15.09 @ Khyber w/ Hulk Smash, Battlefields, Overmars
-08.14.09 @ Millcreek Tavern w/ Akris, Hatchetface, Wizard Eye
-06.05.09 @ Stomping Grounds (Lancaster PA) w/ Secret Cutter, Electric Horsemen, Horsecop, WhiteWolves
-05.16.09 @ Secret Art Space (Bethlehem PA) w/ He Taught Me Lies, TFFNI, Crawl
-01.16.09 @ Millcreek Tavern w/ Tombs, Deathbeds, Bastard Sapling
-12.06.08 @ Fire w/ Ganto Barn, Cavale, The Parkway
-12.01.08 @ Khyber w/ City of Ships, Rosetta, Elder
-10.24.08 @ Disgraceland (Here I Am…record release) w/ Ghastly City Sleep, New Idea Society, Secret Cutter
-08.23.08 @ Lambhouse w/ Isshii
-07.19.08 @ Buildabarn w/ Ominous Black, FSOD, Bitchslicer, Ogre Christ
-07.11.08 @ Buy Star House w/ New Beat Vampires, Peer Pressure
-05.11.08 @ Khyber w/ Rosetta, Battlefields, Amenra
-03.15.08 @ Siren Records (Doylestown PA) w/ City of Ships, Souvenir’s Young America, Monolith
-01.27.08 @ Cue Club II (first show as Gholas) w/ Doomsday Machine Schematic, Dead Walk the Earth, more

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  1. John Doe September 25, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    update shows

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