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Gholas- Poisoning The Airwaves

We decided to release this on tape to continue our general theme of releasing our music on formats that no one wants anymore. We played a show with them, This is what we have left, available to everyone if you couldn’t make it or live on another continent.Click HERE to go to our store and buy it for 4 bucks.

Side A: And The Lives Come Flooding / From Hundreds Of Millions Of Miles / 9000 Reasons / Walk Without Rhythm / Her Trainwreck

Side B: Do We Dream / (…) The Void / The Worm

Recorded January 18th 2009 live on WKDU Drexel University Radio by Adam Hendricks

Live Recordings are always a mixed bag. Precision and accuracy can be thrown out the window in favor of loudness, raw emotion, and audience assault. We went into this WKDU session hoping to spread our extremely loud noise pollution over the radio waves and did just that. Over the course of the night, my voice just about gave out completely (hey back off, you scream utter nonsense for nigh on an hour and a half and see how your voice fairs) at about the 45 minute mark and by the end, I had no voice left for “The Worm” (so this is an instrumental version of that song). I know we had various technical difficulties and several other issues while recording, and while this might not sound completely amazing, we had a ton of fun doing it.

At this stage of Gholas, we were still in the mindset to destroy people with how loud and caustic we could be. This radio session took place a little after our Here I Am, Here Is Infinity EP was released. We were in a furious writing space and much of this set consisted of songs that would end up on our LP, Zagadka, as well as songs that have yet to be released. All of the songs are in their raw state with alternate lyrics and vocals than what you hear on any of the studio versions of the tracks.

This is a strange document of our band. We made some decisions following this set that for better or worse made us the band that we are today. The night was a bunch of fun and Adam was easy to work with while doing the session; hell, he let us make a horrible racket and then played it over the air (What were you thinking Adam? I am surprised Drexel did not lose their FCC license). We hope you enjoy this little release, we are putting this out as a kind of thank you to those of you that liked Zagadka, though there are only 20 of these tapes physically in existence If you have one of these consider yourself equally blessed and damned for this.


Amazing Show

July 7th
7:30 p.m.
The Burners- Bethlehem PA

COLISEUM from louisville kentucky, new record on temp. res. records.

BURNING LOVE all the way from canada, ex members of cursed/left for dead/the swarm.

STORM THE BASTILLE ex members of street smart cyclist.


“…Needs More Whale and Less Baby.”

We’re mixing the record down. It is almost done. As you can tell by the title, Our engineer hates us. We’re giving the album a final once over for track order and transitions and then off it goes for mastering. We’ve been at this since January, and hopefully you’ll all agree with us that the record was well worth the wait. Leaps and bounds above our last recording (in our twisted heads anyway.).

We’ll also be starting to play shows again in support of the full-length. The first of which is in a few weeks:

Mose Giganticus, Hulk Smash, Gholas & Grass
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Danger Danger Gallery 5013 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA, 19143

Mose Giganticus (
Hulk Smash (
Gholas (
Grass (no web site, sorry!)

*This is not necessarily the order of the bands so come out early to make sure you see who you want to see!

Admission price $5-$10

After that, we’re working on a few dates for a weekender sometime in August. We’re pushing for this to be huge.

And The Lives Come Flooding

Live 01.16.09 @ Millcreek Tavern
Philadelphia, PA