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Dans L’isolement Solidaires

A few months back, we got on this split from the british label Dog Knight Productions. Check them out, they have some solid releases. We also share a common belief in the entire package contributing to the experience of the album.

What came about was a great comp. You can stream it below. The entire thing is limited to 250 copies (2 colorways)

We contributed an alternate take on “From Hundreds of Millions of Miles” that is a bit more (vocally) close to how we play it live (Chris sings the bridge).

From the Label:

Dans’…is a 5-way international split which features 5 incredible bands from all around the world, coming together to create a full length 42 minutes long LP that is intended to be listened to in full. This is not a compilation.
All of the bands offer 7-11 minutes of dark/atmospheric music with very different vocal styles, but the album flows perfectly nevertheless.

Blackdays Architecture (France/Japan)
It Is Imperative (Germany)
Gholas (USA)
Life in the Dark (UK)
Plague Sermon (UK)

Vinyl Nerd Info (see the pic below):
25 Pre-order version in a screen printed mailer
100 Clear with white splatter
150 Grey

We Should have these very soon, and they will be available directly through us and our store (the tab at the top)

Thanks everyone.