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Deafheaven/Ken Mode tour with Gholas Support

We’re excited for both of these shows, first, they’re our first few shows back after the self imposed hiatus. And Second, the tour we’re opening for is amazing.

Philly show, 6/16 at kung fu necktie

Ken Mode
Gholas (Shameless Self Promotion)
Dirge of Methuselah

the Very Next night, At the Cake shop in brooklyn, we are also supporting.

So here, listen to a few of the bands we’ll be sharing the stage with

“…Needs More Whale and Less Baby.”

We’re mixing the record down. It is almost done. As you can tell by the title, Our engineer hates us. We’re giving the album a final once over for track order and transitions and then off it goes for mastering. We’ve been at this since January, and hopefully you’ll all agree with us that the record was well worth the wait. Leaps and bounds above our last recording (in our twisted heads anyway.).

We’ll also be starting to play shows again in support of the full-length. The first of which is in a few weeks:

Mose Giganticus, Hulk Smash, Gholas & Grass
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Danger Danger Gallery 5013 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA, 19143

Mose Giganticus (
Hulk Smash (
Gholas (
Grass (no web site, sorry!)

*This is not necessarily the order of the bands so come out early to make sure you see who you want to see!

Admission price $5-$10

After that, we’re working on a few dates for a weekender sometime in August. We’re pushing for this to be huge.