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Welcome to 2011, Check out the first few загадка reviews!

Welcome to the new year, everyone. I have a small compilation of some of the reviews we’ve received on the new record. Have you bought it yet? If you haven’t click “store” up top for more info. Hopefully this year will bring some big things for us, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Few things, A few months back, Dave and Chris were at WDIY in Bethlehem, PA talking about the new record with Justin at Radio in Opposition (review below). Justin is awesome, and the interview wasn;t nearly as painful as we thought it would be. You can download that interview below

RiO Radio interview on WDIY

We talk about the writing process, explain how to pronounce the record name, and our sci-fi nerdery.

Check the reviews out:

Radio in Opposition (PDF)

Загадка (2010)
It’s only fitting that I should review the newest release from Gholas on the heels of what would have been Frank Herbert’s 90th birthday (look it up). Just two years after their first EP, the Philly quartet offer up a mature and polished debut full-length. Загадка (Russian for “Riddle”) is as labyrinthian as its name implies, yet maintaining a cohesive sound. The record winds itself up with the murky discord of “A Shape”, preceding the furious postmetal artillery blast of “Tycho Dawn”. Once the storm is subdued, the anguished verse and riffing bow solemnly to intricate leads. This quickly gives way to majestic ascents and punishing cave-ins. The genre blending is seamless as hardened rhythms battle soaring leads, punctuated by meticulously layered, noisy sludge. Gholas understand something that increasingly fewer sludge/post-metal acts do, and that’s timing. Great care is taken to let the story tell itself. The listener is enveloped by frazzled drone and cavernous percussion for a solid hour. Never rushed and consistently intense, Загадка is a monster release.
-Justin Bost

Scene Point Blank

Gave us 8.4/10 and had some very nice things to say about the record.

– This band along with many follows the setup that Isis started. That is certainly not to say they are mere followers. They play a heavy near ambient style of metal. The songs flow together telling a story seemingly (hence the Isis notation). Each song seems to float into the other as though the first wouldn’t be truly complete without the next one to compliment it.
– Overall Gholas is a band that could be top of their given genre by the time their next album drops.

~~John E./

The Metal Register

Featured Gholas in their “Metal Band of the Week” Section of their website.

Most easily described as post-metal with a penchant for discord and drawn-out passages that Pink Floyd would appreciate, the work of Gholas is heavy, textured, down-tempo, sludgy, and eclectic, with a none-too-subtle eye towards occasional moments of blues or soul.

I’ll keep updating these probably, but hey, have fun this new year. According to the mayans, it just may be the last.